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Appliances are made of various types of plastic. They are all porous and will pick up bacteria if not cleaned well on a daily basis. First scrub the appliance with a toothbrush, without toothpaste and rinse it off.  Some people prefer to use antibacterial soap applied with a brush devoted for cleaning the applance. Rinse off the appliance and stroe it dry in the container with the lid open so it can dry out.  It will build up less bacteria if it is dry.

The appliance should be soaked in a cleaning solution at least once a week, some people do it every day.  

Fill the storage case with water and place the appliance in with a tablet of  Retainer Brite, Efferdent or Polident (denture cleaner).  Leave it in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off and store it in the container with the lid open. this way it cleans the container as well as the appliance.

IMPORTANT: Some appliances cannot be placed in Efferdent/Polident and need other cleaning solutions, this will be noted on the container.

Warning about dogs. Dogs love oral appliances. If you have a dog in the house you must careful not to leave it on the night table or dresser. The dog will smell the applance, it has your saliva on it, and will destroy it. Keep it out of reach from the dog.


APPS for your phone: 

There are many apps  for your phone to record snoring.  The phone becomes a sophisticated sound recorder and can record the volume and time spent snoring overnight.  It can be displayed in a chart than can be sent to the office and put n your chart for reference. It is a simple way to measure if the oral applance is effective. One app that works well is called  "Sleeping U".

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